Became known the fate handed over to the family Bari Alibasov cat-imposter


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

A strange hairless, unknown gave for the cat producer Bari Alibasov, he now lives with the groupies of the band “na-na”. The radio station “Moscow speaking” said PR Director and producer Vadim Gorozhankin.

“We gave her the cat, she especially didn’t tell us that we picked him up. We haven’t decided yet, but we would not be surprised if she would keep this cat,” he said. According to him, the animal will not leave in any case and attach if necessary.

A real cat named Chucha has been found on June 14. According to Gorozhankina, pet Alibasov found in the center of the school of kung-fu “Sha-Fut-fan”, located in the Dining alley.

Earlier, on 13 June, it was reported that an unknown person brought the cat, stating that he belongs to the producer, and took a reward of 800 thousand rubles. Assistant, issued a cash reward, do not know the name of the person and did not record the video transmission cat.

About the missing pet Alibasov became known on June 12. The cat escaped during a press conference held in the house of a producer. Family Alibasov promised to the finder of a pet cash reward or participation in the group “on-On”, whose founder is the producer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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