Roma gave his version of the conflict in the village near Penza



A mass brawl in the village Chemodanovka, Penza region has occurred from-for quarrels of children. This broadcast NSN said the President of the Federal national-cultural autonomy of Russian Roma Nadezhda Demeter.

“There were children who had a falling out on the pond. The residents themselves came to the house of the Roma started the fight — this never write!” she said. Demeter noted that the conflict could be resolved on the spot, or to go to the authorities. “Why it was necessary to arrange a lynching? And now what?” — she added.

Mass brawl in Chemodanivka occurred on June 14. The conflict has suffered at least three local residents, one of them died in the hospital after being hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury. The police brought 174 people, three were arrested on suspicion of murder. A criminal case on the fact of mass fight reclassified to a more serious articles: murder and the attempted murder of a group of people.

For discussion of the conflict with the Gypsies was called the people’s Assembly. Presumably, the villagers stood up for children, to which the Gypsies allegedly began to “massively interfered”. According to another version, earlier Gypsies had tried to rape one of the local residents, probably minors, for which the villagers decided to stand up.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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