A kangaroo crashed through the wall of the house and split the room


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reddit

In Australia, the kangaroo got into the house, breaking the wall, and trashed the room. This was told to a Reddit user named Sarah.

According to the girl, the incident occurred on June 15. Her family lives on a farm, and on Saturday, they all decided to eat outside the home. Upon returning her father noticed in the wall a hole, and then a kangaroo in the room. “First he shouted, so I pulled out a shotgun, but I am against murder, so she gave him a broom to scare,” said the girl. According to her father with great difficulty managed to expel the animal to the kitchen, and out to the street through the front door.

Sarah’s family believes that a kangaroo crashed through the wall after he was cornered dog. The girl noted that the upset occurred, and that did not remove all on video.

Because others don’t believe in the story, an Australian woman has posted photos of the destroyed room. They are scattered clothing, feces and blood — apparently, kangaroos cut himself on the mirror which broke.

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Sarah also had to explain that her family is not very rich and home for 60 years, so the huge animal and was able to break through the wall. “She’s not that thin. I used to beat that wall, it didn’t even make a dent,” said the girl.

Portal users eventually came to the conclusion that what happened is the most Australian thing they ever read.

Earlier in June, it was reported on the three-meter alligator, which knocked the glass in the kitchen window and climbed into a residential building in the U.S. city of Clearwater, Florida.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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