In the United States refused Russia’s world domination


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Russia will not be able to become a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), says Defense Operators.

“Russia will ultimately fail in the quest to become a leader in the field of AI due to the inability to develop a culture of innovation,” writes the American edition.

Among the main reasons in Defense of this Operator see the widespread corruption, the lack of protection of private property and excessive control by the state security bodies. “In Russia the state has traditionally hindered the free flow of knowledge across their borders, because Moscow views the uncontrolled dissemination of information as a threat to political and national security”, — writes the edition.

In his publication Defense Operator notes that Soviet and Russian leaders have regularly stated and declare the necessity of technological breakthroughs, which in reality do not occur. Thus, the publication recalls the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about how to achieve world domination, made in September 2017, and fears the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who proposed to establish SKOLKOVO to bridge the growing technology gap of the country with the West, compares with the similar warning, the first Deputy Minister of defense Nikolai Ogarkov made in 1983 and subsequently published in the pages of The New York Times.

“The SKOLKOVO residents received investments from Microsoft, IBM and Intel. However, because of corruption and state intervention, many of the leading innovators of SKOLKOVO left Russia and are now working in the United States and Europe,” says Defense Operators.

According to Defense Operator in Russia “any developments in the field of AI will be assigned by the state, which will impede commercial investment.” “Thus, it is highly likely that a significant part of the leading Russian talent in the areas relevant to AI research, like many of their colleagues from SKOLKOVO will continue in countries that allow them to achieve their goals,” believes edition.

They are confident that Russia in the field of AI will lag behind the US, China and Western Europe.

In may, Putin called for Russia to make the leader of the IT-sphere. In the same month, the head of state said that the one who will be able to create a monopoly in the field of AI will become ruler of the world.

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