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Sale of small Studio apartments in a newly built residential complex can be a bad option to solve the housing question because of the danger of the formation of a negative social environment. This is stated in the materials of real estate Agency “Nevsky Prostor” (in edition “”).

New construction dominated the Studio in the future can become a “ghetto” because of the peculiarities of the design.

“Each Studio is a separate apartment. And it will not necessarily live by one person. This means that the number and density of living in one of the front will be much higher (…) the Developers are very well aware that the social environment [in houses, dominated by the Studio] will be created in a certain way”, — stressed General Director of Agency Alexander Ginovker.

According to the realtor, in the LCD with a predominance of studios on the floor is often more than ten apartments, and this adversely affects the quality of life.

“A large number of studios in the apartment description from the developer is, first and foremost, good salary for construction company, explains Ginovker. — “Square” in a Studio apartment can cost two or more times more expensive than a two-bedroom apartment.”

The company noted that the optimal number of apartments per floor in modern buildings — not more than six to eight, and the minimum size of the apartment, allowing you to stay comfortably, to 30 square meters.

Earlier analysts “Craigslist real Estate” gathered data about the area of housing under construction in major Russian cities and came to the conclusion that the developers have to reduce the size of apartments to avoid the increased cost of the product. More likely, according to statistics, the company reduced it square one-bedroom apartments and studios.

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