Released Golunova was questioned in the interior Ministry as a witness


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The journalist the Internet-editions “Medusa” Ivan Golunov as a witness gave testimony to the investigation of the interior Ministry. As told to “Interfax” his lawyer Sergei adamsin, the reporter talked about the matter on which he was charged with attempted sale of drugs.

“Yesterday was carried out investigative actions with the participation of Ivan, including his interrogation as a witness on the circumstances and what happened to him”, — the lawyer told.

According to badamshin, everything was carried out in the framework of the same criminal case in which Golunov was accused, but later acquitted. Currently, the case is conducted by the main investigation Department (GSU) of the Moscow police.

The lawyer explained that in this way validate the actions of the police before sending the materials to the Investigative Committee. “Details while I will not disclose so as not to interfere with the investigation objectively to understand the situation in which we are interested”, — said adamsin.

Earlier Golunov stated that he feared retaliation by senior security officials, removed from service due to his arrest on trumped-up drug charges.

The journalist of “Medusa” Ivan Golunov was arrested in the afternoon of 6 June. He was charged with attempted sale of drugs. The correspondent assured that he never used banned substances, and he was thrown, and the prosecution is related to his investigations.

The incident caused a wide public resonance. The building of the MIA held a series of pickets. On 11 June, the case was closed, Golunov released.

Later he was fired the chief of police in the Western district of Moscow and head of capital management on control over drug trafficking. Investigative Committee began checking the police detained the journalist.

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