Russia responded to the U.S. announcement of a multimillion-dollar contract with Maduro


www.vsyako.netNicolas Magarotto: Ivan Alvarado / Reuters

Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zaemskiy told RIA Novosti that the information about the new defense agreement between Moscow and Caracas is not true.

“This is another invention that is needed to maintain the illusion that Venezuela is a perceived risk, and the blame for this, of course, Russia,” — said the diplomat.

Zaemskiy recalled that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has clearly indicated a lack of new contracts between the two countries. According to Putin, Moscow will continue to fulfill its obligations under existing contracts and to maintain the previously delivered weapons.

On 16 June, the assistant to the American leader Donald trump on national security John Bolton said that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in may 2019 concluded with Russia, defense contracts, 209 million dollars. According to him, the same way an elected head of state wanted “to buy the continued support of Moscow.”

The situation in Venezuela escalated on 23 January, when mass protests after Parliament speaker Huang Guido proclaimed himself provisional President. USA, most EU and Latin American countries recognized him as the legitimate head of state. Russia and several other States have announced support for Maduro.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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