The ousted President appeared in public


www.vsyako.netOmar al-Basirhat: Umit Bektas / Reuters

The former President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir for the first time appeared in public since the military coup in April. About it reports Reuters.

Politics drove the car to the Prosecutor’s office in Khartoum, where he was charged with corruption. Attorney Alaa al-DIN Abdullah said that the former President is charged with possession of a foreign currency and the informal acceptance of gifts.

The Agency notes that al-Bashir looked almost the same as before his overthrow, was dressed in a traditional white robe, on his head was a turban. He briskly walked from the car to the building, smiled and spoke to his accompanying guards. Frowned a politician only when he was read the charges. While the former President was given the opportunity to meet the prosecutors.

Reuters previously reported that the trial will begin after the expiration of the week period allocated for the consideration of the objection of the defense.

On 20 April it was reported that during a search in the house of al-Bashir seized the equivalent of 113 million dollars.

The army of Sudan 11 April, has made a coup in the country after four months of protests. Demonstrators in Sudan demanded the resignation of the incumbent President, who was in power for 30 years. The protesters appealed to the military with the request to depose al-Bashir.

Despite the coup, the protests have not stopped. Now the participants demand that the army transfer power to the civilians at the time of the three-year transition period. In the country with occasional violent clashes, Sudan was suspended from membership in the African Union.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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