Disconnected from the Internet like games decided to poison the family


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A resident of the Thai province of Sisaket tried to poison relatives, which prevented him from playing on the phone. This publication reports the Daily Mirror.

29-year-old man lived with his mother and stepfather. By night he played on the phone with a loud sound and disturb other family members to sleep. To stop the noise, the stepfather turned off his Internet and when the stepson began to swear, hit him.

After that, the offended man poured into the well chemicals for pest management. The mother noticed that the water that something is wrong, so no one was hurt.

The woman hopes that her son will be sent for treatment. “It is too much playing on the phone, she said. — I think that’s why he has such a stress. It is difficult to stop, because he is a big boy. So we ask for help”.

In April it was reported that the us city of Berkeley, California, arrested the chemist, who tried to poison a colleague. For this, he has repeatedly mixed into the cadmium in her water and food.

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