Ekaterinburg dubbed the “city of devils”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: traffic police of Ekaterinburg

At the entrance to the city has removed a sign “City of devils”, which appeared there after the TV host Vladimir Solovyov repeatedly called the city because of the protests around the construction of a temple on the site of the Park, according to E1.RU.

To remove it required the city traffic police. “The service organization was issued the appropriate instruction about dismantle”, — told in the traffic police.

The authors of the signs is unknown, but they have threatened with a fine of 10 thousand rubles.

The sign on Koltsovo tract at the entrance to Ekaterinburg noticed on the morning of Monday, June 17. It was made in the same style as the pointer to the name of the city, and combined with it.

Earlier Vladimir Solovyov repeatedly called Yekaterinburg, and its people possessed by demons, commenting on the protests at the construction site of the Cathedral in a green area of the city. Later, he said that he is ready to come to the city to fight with the unhappy court and the “drive the hell”.

Protests against the Church in place of the square began on 13 may, lasted a week and was accompanied by clashes of protesters with security guards and security forces, and arrests. The construction was suspended, the regional government conducted a public opinion poll about the new location for the Cathedral of St. Catherine. On 16 June the local diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church rejected the idea to build a temple in the Park near the Drama theatre.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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