Medvedev instructed to deal with the price of gasoline


www.vsyako.netDmitry Medvedevthe: Dmitry Astakhov / RIA Novosti

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev instructed Vice Premier Dmitry Kozak to deal with the information about rising gasoline prices in different regions of the country. On Monday, June 17, reports TASS.

“We need to understand what it is. If this is some kind of just splash — it’s one thing if it’s some systemic things, then you need to make decisions that we have discussed, if necessary,” — said the head of government.

In response to Kozak, who oversees the government’s fuel and energy complex (FEC), promised the evening of June 17 to convene a meeting with representatives of all the major oil companies.

Earlier on June 17, it became known that in some Russian regions, sharply increased retail prices for gasoline. So, on the Novosibirsk gas stations gasoline AI-95 in June was worth 44,55 rubles per liter (compared to 43.9 per ruble a month earlier). In Tuva liter of AI-95 has risen in price from 41.58 to 44,32 rubles, AI-92 — 39,58 to 41.86 ruble. This higher level of prices, which the government agreed with the major oil companies. The agreement will end at the end of June.

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