Moscow police EN masse wanted to resign


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More than 30 employees of various services of Department of internal Affairs (ATC) on the Western administrative district (ZAO), Moscow in recent days has filed reports on dismissal. On Monday, June 17, “the” has informed a source in capital police.

According to him, this trend is not directly linked with the scandal around the case against the journalist Ivan Golunova: most of the reports are filed “due to seniority”.

“In other district police Department, the situation is similar and sometimes even worse than the UVD po ZAO. Impact and high load, and unpopular disciplinary measures such as the prohibition of travel abroad for holidays, and a General decline in prestige of the profession. Suicide investigator OMVD the district Golyanovo, perfect June 8, and other similar incidents won’t cause a reaction — such a tragedy, unfortunately, become commonplace,” — said the source.

He cited an example of one of the district UVD of Moscow, where in recent days has received over 50 reports on the dismissal — twice more than in the company. At the same time to clarify exactly what UVD was going on, the source refused.

“The situation around the “business Golunova” is regarded in the garrison of the Metropolitan police is ambiguous: the majority of police officers it believes its targeted harassment of investigators, carrying out the instructions of the authorities”, — he stressed.

The source also referred to the internal research of the Ministry of internal Affairs of recent months. According to them, the main reasons for leaving the police was a shortage of personnel after the reforms, which caused a sharply increased load on the remaining to serve, the rights of employees in the first place — the right to work and to rest, the actual reduction of salaries, and sharply increased in recent months, the number of inspections by both management and Supervisory bodies.

In addition, some employees call the dismissal of a failure of the leadership of the Moscow police to protect its own employees — including in the case of excitation against them criminal cases.

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