Revealed a new mystery of the ancient destroyed city


www.vsyako.netPhoto: A. Sobkowski / Wikipedia

Russian archaeologists continued excavations in the Byzantine city of Jericho, the study of which began in 2010-2013. The experts found that the study area contains several cultural layers and was probably inhabited earlier than expected. About it reported in a press release of the Institute of archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences, arrived in edition “”.

“We have returned to a full-scale archaeological work at Jericho and found that we have before us a multi-layered monument is quite complex structures,” — said Leonid Belyayev, head of the Jericho expedition. The results of the excavation of 2019 showed that the land on which is located a Museum and Park complex, is a complex, the earliest layers of which, presumably, belong to the Roman era.

Archaeologists for the first time fully disclosed the entire area of the excavation, examining two historical-cultural complex: residential and industrial. In the past archaeologists have discovered a system of cisterns and water conduits and pits for garbage. It produced ceramics and perhaps metal was melted. Was assembled a large collection of medieval ceramics, glassware and vessels.

Jericho is called the ancient city, whose ruins are in modern Palestinian city of the same name. People began to live in this area as early as the eighth Millennium BC.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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