The bride reminded beautician lesbian about hell and refused her services


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @Kristiantayyy

Twitter users supported the woman by the name of Christian (Kristian), working as a beautician, after the bride refused services because of her homosexuality. The beautician has published a screenshot of correspondence with the failed client.

The bride recommended the beautician friends. After clarification of prices for services, a woman asked a lesbian if Christian. An affirmative answer immediately become cause of non-cooperation. “Oh, I don’t want a lesbian worked at my wedding. I looked at your Facebook and was unable to determine, heterosexual or not,” wrote the customer.

Christian said that he understood everything, and did not make trouble. However, the client decided to continue the dialogue. The next message said she was surprised by the Christian orientation. “You know that being gay is a sin, isn’t it? I’ll pray for you, friend. I’m sorry you chose the path that will send you straight to hell,” she concluded.

In his Twitter posts he said that it did not intend to hide their orientation and to apologize for it. The record has collected more than 37 thousand retweets and more than 169 thousand likes, a make-up artist has received many words of support, and the bride criticized. Most users are struck by the fact that the bride was allowed to invite a Christian to work again if she changes her mind about their sexual orientation.

Earlier in June, the guy made fun of the network that he proposed to sweetheart using as coasters wedding ring Burger from McDonald’s.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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