The man accidentally bought a house instead of a piece of lawn for thousands of dollars


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A resident of the U.S. state of Florida by mistake bought at auction a strip of lawn for a few thousand dollars. About it reports information portal to the Sun Sentinel.

The kerrville Holness (Holness Kerville) was sure that he signed a very lucrative deal for the purchase of Tamarac villas for sale at auction because of nonpayment of taxes by its previous owner. The area was estimated at 177 thousand dollars (11.4 million rubles), while the American is paid for the lot, which he considered the Villa, 9,1 thousand dollars (585,6 thousand).

As it turned out, the man acquired a strip of land between two areas with a width of 30,5 cm and a length of 30.5 meters. This piece was valued at $ 50 (3,2 thousand). It starts from the mailbox, passes under the wall, which connects the garages of the neighboring villas, and ends in the back yards.

The state government claim that Holness, for the first time participated in such auctions, will not be refunded. The man said that there was no indication that the tendered is not a Villa, and a strip of land. He’s not going to use the purchased land.

According to the publication, on the website, where a lot were prescribed size of the plot and says the building is not included in the price.

In connection with the incident, the state government called on potential bidders to carefully examine all submitted information. Lawyer Gary singer (Gary Singer) specializing in cases involving real estate, suggested the American to look for errors in the buying process and go to court.

Holness was not the only one who was misled by the description on the website. Apart from him, the auction was attended by three people.

In March it was reported the pair, by mistake, bought at auction in Scotland-abandoned 120-year old mansion instead of an apartment. The building is in poor condition, however, young people made the decision to fix him and not destroy, as they recommended.

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