TV presenter Kiselev paid millions because of the carelessness of


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General Director MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev said the radio station “Moscow speaking” that will pay the architect Vladimir Mazurino 2.5 million rubles according to the court, although it considers man a fraud.

“He’s not an architect, he is an impostor. He won the process. I paid him the money, wrote receipts. He decided to again. According to the formal principles, the court awarded him the money. Well, everything,” said the presenter.

According to Kiselev, such a situation occurred because of his gullibility. “When the construction of any fence, outbuilding, well, who do we have in Russia? We’re in Russia! I in Russian absolutely settled with him, all paid,” he said.

The broadcaster said that it will not challenge the decision because he didn’t want to devote their time to it. Filed by Mazarini the suit on protection of honor and dignity broadcaster true irony. “I just can warn to do with him. With the Lord of Mazarini. Petty person. Let is protected in court. It does not raise”, — said Kiselev.

In January Mazurin sued Kiseleva 2.58 million rubles. The court partially granted the request of the architect from the Crimea.

Mazurin was engaged in the reconstruction of cottages Kiseleva in Koktebel from 2015 to 2016. All he demanded from a leading 5.8 million rubles as payment for its services. According to lawyers of the presenter, he had paid the architect nearly 24 million rubles for the work done before filing a suit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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