Cashier “Pyaterochka” with a tattoo on the face has surprised the users of the network


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @badsirrope

Online discussed the cashier of the supermarket chain “Pyaterochka” with a tattoo on the face and hands. Picture was published, Twitter user @badsirrope.

“Proof that even with a tattoo on the face can be to find a normal job” — he signed my publishing user.

Some users made fun of the unusual appearance of the cashier. “When not taken in the benchmarks and had to go to the “Pyaterochka”,” was poironizirovat @ordicyn. “It is a mark of quality,” said @moyn1ckzanyat.

Other users on the contrary appreciated the presence of tattoos in prominent places, and asked where a young man is working. “We need to see the dude, he’s the best cashier of the city”, — admired @RCalrussian.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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