In Ukraine, told about unstoppable elections


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The head of the CEC of Ukraine Tatyana Slipachuk believes that the constitutional court of Ukraine (CCU), which is considering the legality of the decree of President Vladimir Zelensky on the dissolution of Parliament and early elections will not be able to stop the campaign. Such a statement she made in an interview with “Bi-bi-si Ukraine”.

According to her, the powers of the court includes only task is to determine the constitutionality of the presidential decree and “nothing more”. Slipachuk assured that the preparations for the elections is coming and cannot be stopped. However, she added, that puts the CEC in a “very difficult situation”.

Slipachuk difficult to answer the journalists ‘ question about what to do with the CEC if the CCU recognizes the decree illegal, but noted that the decision means that “there is no such decree”. “And that means I don’t have any legitimate reason to spend public money,” she said, adding that before making any decision it is necessary to understand the motives of the court.

The claim about illegality of the dissolution of Parliament was dismissed by the Supreme court of Ukraine on may 27 and submitted to the KSU. Zelensky representative in Parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk said that the President would obey the court’s decision on this issue, whatever it was. He explained this position by the fact that the command of the head of state is ready for any possible outcome. When this later himself Zelensky said that he expects that the court will take his side, but another version of events, he “even thinks”.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced an early dissolution of Parliament during his inaugural speech on may 20, the next day was published the corresponding decree. The elections to the Parliament scheduled for July 21. As clarified, the CEC, the electoral process starts automatically after entry of the decree and cannot be stopped even by the court.

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