The F-35 will increase the range


www.vsyako.netPhoto: AP

The fifth generation fighter F-35A Lightning II and F-35I Adir increase the range of flight, according to Aviation Week.

The American magazine writes that at present, the company Lockheed Martin is considering the possibility of placing external loads under the wings of the aircraft jettison fuel tanks with a capacity of 600 gallons (about almost 2,3 thousand liters), which will increase the total volume of the portable machine fuel by 40 percent, however, would deprive it of the stealth.

Aviation Week did not specify how it will increase the flight range of the F-35A and F-35I, but it is known that the maximum range of flight of the first currently reaches 650 nautical miles (more than 1.2 thousand kilometers). Also the F-35 Lightning II support air refueling.

In June it was reported that the F-35, there are 13 most serious problems the 1st category, influencing the efficacy of their missions.

A family of multifunctional fifth generation fighter F-35 Lightning II produced in 2001, the American military-industrial corporations Lockheed Martin. The plane is made in three versions: A (for air force), B (short takeoff and vertical landing) and C (deck). F-35I Adir version of the F-35A Lightning II to Israel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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