The judges of the constitutional court of Ukraine quarreled


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The constitutional court of Ukraine (CCU) at a closed meeting failed to adopt a decision on the legitimacy of the decree of President Vladimir Zelensky on the early dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada. As reports “Strenia” between supporters and opponents of the document there was a skirmish.

For the recognition of the decree was made by two of the judges, Nicholas Miller and Igor Slidenko, which in Ukraine is associated with the party “people’s front”. They opposed Viktor Kolesnik and Oleg may day.

To the General opinion, the parties never came. The next meeting of the CCU on this matter will be held next week.

Yesterday, 17 June, Zelensky expressed confidence in the legality of his decree dissolving the Rada. He also lamented the delays in the consideration of the question, but didn’t want to influence the court’s decision.

At the end of may the Supreme court of Ukraine rejected the claim of the illegality of the dissolution of Parliament and referred it for consideration to the constitutional court. The court explained that the decision of the President is not implementing administrative functions, therefore, this argument cannot be considered in court of the administrative jurisdiction.

Zelensky announced the early dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada on 20 may during the inaugural address, and the next day published the corresponding decree. Parliamentary elections are scheduled for July 21. As clarified, the CEC, the electoral process starts automatically after entry of the decree and cannot be stopped even by the court.

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