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In Russia, the options of assignments and exam OGE plans to make the personal by using artificial intelligence. This is reported by “Izvestia”, citing a government report to the Federal Assembly on policies in the field of education.

According to the publication, use and OGE want to transfer to computer form, making it will be possible “automatic generation of customized control and measuring materials”. At what time this will be done is still unknown. In Rosobrnadzor has promised to answer later.

As noted by the head of the laboratory of artificial intelligence, Neurotechnology and business intelligence Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Timur Sadykov, the accepted form of the exam is too vulnerable. According to him, issues such as cheating and “plum” jobs in the Internet can be solved by increasing the number of options, or conduct a personalized examination.

According to the Director of the Institute of education development HSE Irina Abankina, similar to the model exam would be useful and at the Olympics. “First, alas, corruption appeared in the Olympiad movement, and computer audit will ensure the impartiality of the assessment. Then there’s the problem of the selection of conditional assignments of equal complexity. Artificial intelligence can handle it better people,” she said.

Earlier wide public resonance was the story of three graduates of Astrakhan, will receive zero points on the math exam because of the handles, that failed to scan when scanning. In the Internet appeared the petition with the requirement to check their work, and set the appropriate points to one of the graduates. As of June 19, she scored more than 94 thousand signatures. Later it became known that graduates still check up a conflict Commission. Because of the scandal on the exam in Astrakhan in the state Duma has attended to the problem of handles on the exam and was offered the Ministry of education centrally to buy the “right” pen alumni.

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