Husband pushed pregnant wife off the cliff in an attempt to embezzle money and miscalculated


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Pha Taem National Park

In Thailand, a pregnant woman survived after falling from a 34-metre cliff. This publication reports the Bangkok Post.

The incident occurred on 9 June. 32-year-old Wang Nan from China, was travelling with her husband Yu Saadoon and fell from a cliff in the national Park of PHA taem. Lying on the trail, the woman found the woman and called an ambulance. Nan told the doctors that accidentally fell off a cliff. The victim escaped with multiple fractures of hips, arms, collarbones, and knees. Her fetus was not injured.

The police became suspicious, drawing attention to the detached behavior of Xiaodong. In the hospital when she did not have her husband, the woman said that her husband threw her from the cliff, when she refused to repay his debts with money he inherited. NAS also added that the man threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the incident.

Police arrested 33-year-old Yu Xiaodong of June 17, when he came to the hospital to visit his wife. It turned out that the couple owned their business, however, all assets belonged to the national Academy of Sciences. Her husband was in debt and when he asked his wife to help with their payment, she agreed to give him only half the amount that pissed him off. Man charged with attempted murder. The police will seek permission from the court to the extension of his arrest. Chinese himself denies his guilt.

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