Iran rejected Europe in extending the terms of the ultimatum


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Tehran does not intend to renew the term of the ultimatum put forward by Europe to preserve agreement on its nuclear program. This was stated by the representative of the Iranian atomic energy Organisation, behrouz of Kamalvandi, reports Reuters.

“The two-month deadline set by Iran for the rest of the signatories to the AGREEMENT (Joint comprehensive plan), may not be extended. The implementation of the second part [of the ultimatum in the event of failure of terms] will take place according to plan,” he said.

On 17 June it was reported that Iran in the next 10 days will exceed the limit of low enriched uranium, provided the nuclear deal.

June 10, the Iranian foreign Ministry said that the Europeans were not practical and tangible steps to save deals 2015. Iranian authorities have suspended the execution of certain obligations on the nuclear program in mid-may. Then they gave Europe 60 days on the implementation of the agreement.

The contract AGREEMENT for Iran was signed in the summer of 2015 between Tehran and the six countries-mediators — Russia, the United States, Britain, China, France, Germany. In early may of 2018, the American President Donald trump announced the unilateral withdrawal of Washington from the transaction and the resumption of the anti-Iran sanctions.

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