Named the new mortal danger beaches


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Scientists at the University of Cooper in the United States found that the deadly bacteria that cause necrotizing fasciitis, can obtain wide distribution in the beach waters due to climate change. This publication reports Live Science.

Experts have described five cases of severe bacterial infections in people who have been exposed to water or seafood from the Bay of Delaware. Dangerous condition was caused by “flesh eating” pathogen Vibrio vulnificus, which prefers relatively warm waters (above 13 degrees Celsius), such as in the Gulf of Mexico. However, global warming causes the habitat of V. vulnificus moves to the North.

Infection occurs by eating contaminated seafood, such as crabs, or if you have an open wound that comes into direct contact with sea water containing bacteria. In most cases observed in cases of mild symptoms, however, some developing sepsis or extensive destruction of the skin and fascia — the sheath of connective tissue that perform support and other functions.

People at increased risk for infections with V. vulnificus, if they have chronic liver disease or other conditions that weaken their immune system. Of the five described cases, three had hepatitis b or C, and one diabetes.

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