Quarreled with Loboda Lazareva accused of cowardice and public hysteria


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Natella Krapivina, producer, singer Svetlana Loboda, has reacted to the scandal between his colleague and singer Sergey Lazarev. Post on this topic she has published in his Instagram account.

The representative Loboda said that he considered the cowardice of the most viable human trait where some can’t take responsibility for their words or to Express uncomfortable for someone opinion. “To throw a tantrum in public, but to do anything to about it no one knows. To be trustworthy and honest pioneer, but nadkusyvat Burr, jealous bullies. All the time trying to be number one, but to remain the first among the losers,” wrote Krapivina. She explained, talking about the publication, however, members suggested that post for Lazarev.

“Golden words” — responded in the comments himself Lazarev. To his message he added a few Emoji with applause.

Earlier in June between Lazarev and singer Svetlana Loboda was a conflict at the awards ceremony “Muz-TV”. It was alleged that the actor spoke harshly addressed to his colleagues, because he didn’t like that she sang six songs in a row, while he could not speak for technical reasons. Loboda said that sometimes people behave strangely, and asked for Lazarus to talk about the incident. Representatives of the event explained that the artist fell out with the Director of the ceremony.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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