Residents of Chemodanovka afraid of the revenge of the Gypsies


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Artem Korenyuk / RIA Novosti

The correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” talked with the wife of the deceased in the conflict with the Gypsies Vladimir Grushin about what happened during and after the fight.

According to Elena Grushina, 14 Jun husband warned her that his friends are coming to talk with the Gypsies, he was just going to look at all of the. Elena didn’t know where it was Vladimir. She called as soon as he was in the hospital. From Grushin was punched in the head, he complained of pain and suffered from nausea. The doctor told Helen that Vladimir will have to lie for two weeks in the hospital. She learned about her husband’s death already at the rally that evening.

She also spoke about the rumours in the village about the causes of conflict. According to her version, Gypsies landed on the girl, she stood up for a pregnant girl who was threatened with rape. Learn about this pregnant husband decided to talk with the Gypsies.

Now Elena lives in fear. “I’m afraid for their child, their family and those who live nearby. Afraid of revenge,” she says.

The correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Roman Golovanov says that vengeance fears not only Grushina, but the whole village. He found that the Gypsies terrorized the population of Chemodanovka many years, and now the main demand of the residents is that they should not return.

Several Roma families on 17 June moved from Chemodanovka Penza region in the town of Akhtubinsk in Astrakhan region. Just left 46 people, including the elderly, women and children. The head of their community does not yet know whether they intend to return.

Mass arrests of the villagers with the Gypsies occurred on June 14. It was attended by over 100 people from camp, and 10-15 unarmed members of the local population. As a result of collision three men were hospitalized, one of them died. All were arrested 174 participant fights.

Funeral Grushin took place on the 16th of June. They had about 600 residents of Chemodanovka.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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