The loss of the master of sports on mountaineering associated with husband-enforcer


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ruhsdi page Elena in “Vkontakte”

Master of sports of the international class on mountaineering, 33-year-old Elena Ruhljad disappeared on the island near Novosibirsk. Looking for her friends for the second day, the disappearance of women associated with her ex-husband said on Wednesday, June 19, “Sib.FM” with reference to familiar Ruhsdi Faith Kolechkina.

According to Kolechkina, she divorced her husband more than a year ago because he was “inadequate”.

“She [Ruhljad] wrote statements to the police, saying that [her husband] beat her during pregnancy — but got away with it because he served in the Novosibirsk OMON. After a divorce, the husband threatened her in conversation, he may have kidnapped her and taken to the island,” said Kolechkina.

According to her, currently she, along with volunteers looking for the boat to go in search of the disappeared. On the banks of the Ob river, opposite Bear island, already discovered abandoned car Ruhsdi. According to representatives of search groups, the police have already prepared an APB out immediately Yaroslava Frolova — husband disappeared.

In the search and rescue unit “Lisa Alert” explained that we are waiting for confirmation from the police about the application tracing Frolov.

Elena Rahlaga — winner of international competitions, Ironman, world Championships medalist in mountain running in a team competition. Also, she has the title of silver medalist of the 2011 world Championships in mountain running in the individual championship. In addition, Rahlaga — the champion of Russia on the results of the skyrunning marathon in 2017.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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