The mysterious disease has led to abnormal growth of breast in women



In Thailand a woman has lost the ability to walk again without crutches because of the Breasts, grown to abnormal sizes. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

46-year-old Lam Phra si Nuan (Lam Phrai Si Nuan) from a village in Phitsanulok province three years ago I noticed that it increases the chest. However, nine months ago, breast growth has accelerated in several times — the first few months of increased left and then right.

Because of the huge size of the breast woman suffering from severe pain in the neck, shoulders and back. To support the Breasts, the woman wraps her piece of fabric that ties at the neck.

The doctors can’t diagnose Nuan and offer her any treatment. The doctors can only say for sure that a woman does not have cancer.

It will have another examination in the hospital in July, but Nuan worried that will not be able to pay for it — and she and her husband are unemployed.

Presumably, the woman suffers from gigantomastia, a rare genetic disease in which the chest expands to huge size and loses its shape. The disease can affect one breast or two.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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