Putin said the lack of commitment of Russia to superpower status


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti

Russia does not aspire to superpower status, because they do not want to impose its influence on other countries. About this President Vladimir Putin said Thursday, June 20, reporters after a straight line, reports TASS.

“We do not aspire to this status, because in this concept laid some elements associated with the imposition of its influence to other States and whole regions,” — said Putin.

Russia does not want to return “to the state which was the Soviet Union”, which is imposed on neighbors, including Eastern Europe, lifestyle and political system. “It is counterproductive, it is too expensive and does not have historical prospects”, — stated Putin.

Earlier, during a straight line President said that Russia does not sell out its allies, interests, and principles. He also noted that Russia — perhaps “the only great military power which reduces military spending”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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