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The Russian Embassy in the United States called false allegations of smuggling documentation for military aircraft computer game developer, Oleg Tishchenko. This was reported on the official page in Facebook.

“On trumped-up charges (smuggling of military goods) convicted previously delivered from Georgia to USA O. M. Tishchenko. Deeply disappointed in this practice of the American authorities”, — reads the official statement of the diplomatic mission.

The Embassy added that Tishchenko is sent home. “For its part, will control the process of the deportation of Russians in Russia”, — said the diplomat.

On June 19 it became known that the court in the USA sentenced the developer of computer games from Russia, Oleg Tishchenko to one year of imprisonment. However, this time he has already served, he was being deported to his homeland.

Oleg Tischenko was arrested in the US on charges of trying to export the flight manual of the American F-16 fighter and other combat aircraft. According to investigators, in 2011 the Russians have found on the Internet-auction eBay the old instructions to the fighter and tried to buy them but couldn’t due to limitations of the platform. He came to the aid of a resident of Texas: he ordered the documents to your name and mailed them Tishchenko.

That, in turn, resold the instructions in Japan, the Netherlands, Australia and other countries. Russians detained in June 2018 in Georgia, the country consented to the issuance of its Washington. The man was charged with violating the law on arms export, smuggling and conspiracy against the United States.

American who helped Tishchenko in the purchase documents, was arrested in 2016. Three years later the charges were dropped.

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