Russian schoolboy has forgotten about the phone in his pocket and failed the exam in mathematics


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Student from Kursk Vitaly Sergeyev may not issue a certificate after he was expelled from his point of unified state examination from-for the mobile phone, write “our local news”.

May 29, Sergeev came to the exam and thought that he had left the phone at home, so passed him at the entrance to the exam. When the student went into the audience and got a passport, found in the pocket of a push-button phone and put it on the table with the drinks. It happened at 09:40, the exam was supposed to start at 10:00. The organizers have noticed the gadget and a report was made about his discovery. The teenager signed the document and it was removed from the exam. In the extract from the Protocol of the State examination Commission (SEC) clarifies that the student himself posted the phone on a table for drinking water. In the regional Committee of education noted that violation of the rules of the exam are recorded on video.

Mother-Sergeeva Svetlana Strekalovsky explained that he will be able to retake the exam in the year 2020, and while he will issue a certificate of graduation. The rest of the exams, the teenager wrote after the incident, the outcome is unknown.

The student went to a silver medal. He wanted to go to the naval Academy in St. Petersburg. Strekalova posted on petition addressed to President Vladimir Putin with a request to allow her son to exam for mathematics in reserve day.

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Asking you to show humanity and to deal seriously with the situation, and give my son, Vitalik, on Wednesday, the chance to pass the exam in the relevant math to back days this year. Just beg You to understand in detail the situation with regards to my son, Vitaly Sergeev from the city of Kursk, a graduate of MBOU SOSH №18,” wrote the woman.

Strekalova also asked to amend the law on the conduct of the exam and to differentiate, was discovered or seized the phone, and also consider whether the student voluntarily gave the phone prior to the exam. “And it’s not considered violations and not to punish honest folks, and not to cancel their work. Give your child a chance this year to retake the exam,” he asked the woman.

June 19, conflict, the Commission reexamined the work of two of the Astrakhan students who received zero points on the exam due to the fact that their work would not otskanirovala. They overcame the minimum threshold and received a positive evaluation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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