The author of the “Diary Hacha” spoke on the Mat Dziuba in a straight line


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @amiran495

Blogger Amiran Sardarov called the possible causes of discontent of the captain of the national team of Russia on football Artem Dzyuba after his question to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a straight line. About the author YouTube channel “the Diary Hacha” told Sport24.

“I have two versions. First: he also has euricka, and he was upset that he was not pushing her first. The second (…) — what I offered him, and the President”, — said the blogger.

Sardars said that he sees nothing wrong with what he’s “from the heart” invited the Russian leader to try Shawarma. According to him, this relieved the tension, additionally, it turned out the most expensive advertising integration in the world.

The author of the “Diary Hacha” by video link, Putin asked about the limitations in the Russian segment of the Internet. At the end of the question, he adverted his establishment with the kebab and invited the President. Putin praised Sardarova for prytkost and thanked for the invitation. At this point the camera was transferred to the film, which, as suggested by the users, said his neighbor Alexander Petrov’s something obscene about the arrogance of the blogger.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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