Announced the shooting of the reindeer sámi activist complained about the pressure


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The Sami activist Andrei Danilov, who said about hunting in the territories of reindeer herding in the Murmansk region, accused the staff of regional Prosecutor’s office in putting pressure. Reports about it “New newspaper” with reference to human rights activist Olga Podoplelova.

According to her, the activist twice in one week was summoned to the Prosecutor’s office to interview about the shooting of animals. However, most of the environmental Prosecutor’s office related to the work of the Fund Lappish heritage and development, which works Danilov. The investigators asked him about the possible relations of the Foundation with the state farm Olenevod, which graze reindeer on the place for hunting, but also about the relatives of the activist.

Also, the Prosecutor questioned the right of the Fund to represent the interests of the Sami people. “When we said that the allocation of katokato had violated the principle of free, prior and informed consent when making decisions affecting the interests of the indigenous Sami people, we asked the question: “You are this principle was invented?”” said Podoplelova.

After a conversation in the environmental Prosecutor’s office of area activist was summoned to the Prosecutor’s office of Monchegorsk. The Fund considers the Sami happening as the pressure on Andrei Danilov in connection with his human rights activities.

May 24, Andrey Danilov appealed to the Commissioner for human rights in Murmansk region, Mikhail Shilov, to learn about their priority right to fish, as a representative of the indigenous sámi people. In response, the Ombudsman recommended that residents in the region, the sámi to prove their origin in court.

In January 73 acres of tundra lands in the Lovozero district of the Murmansk region for 30 years, has allocated the regional Ministry of environment and Belgorod hunting club BSRC. In this area, the Sami herd the reindeer.

The Saami (Sami) — a small Finno-Ugric people living in Northern Europe. Estimates of the Sami Parliament of Finland (the representative body of cultural autonomy), the number of Sami is from 60 to 80 thousand people. Russia is home to about two thousand representatives of the people.

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