Russian teacher advised the kid to blow on a broken arm


www.vsyako.netPhoto: courtesy of the parents of the victim

In a children’s camp in Perm eight-year-old girl, riding on the slide, broke my arm. The teacher had child care, but was advised to blow on the sore spot. On this portal told the mother of the victim.

According to the woman, after lunch she came to pick up her daughter Irma from the camp and saw her crying in the hallway. It turned out that the girl slipped off the slide-tubes, at the same time she flew into another child and knocked down. “The daughter felt a sharp pain in his left hand and ran to the teacher who advised her to blow and sit on the bench, will all be over soon”, she added.

The woman said that within 40 minutes after the incident, the Irma health significantly worsened, she felt dizzy. Mother and daughter went to the emergency room, where the child has recorded a closed fracture of the hand.

“When we tried to deal with the camp leadership in the circumstances of the incident, we were told that records of their cameras can not see that our child has a broken arm,” said the woman.

After the incident she went to the Prosecutor’s office, the Department of education of Perm and the CPS. The Commission from the city administration already began checking.

On June 18 it became known that kindergarten teachers in the city of Kineshma in Ivanovo region wore kids underwear on your head while walking if they had no waistcoats and caps.

In late may, the head of the kindergarten in Krasnodar put the child on his knees and forced to kiss the ground when he said that he does not like Russia and Russian. After the video of the incident on the network the woman was fired.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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