There are details which caused Putin shame case


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

A case of note, the loss of which the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said during a straight line, occurred in 2010 in Syktyvkar. About it writes RIA Novosti.

Then two women who were waiting for Putin, at that time held the post of Prime Minister, hoping to meet him, collaborated, wrote two identical notes and agreed to try to convey to him, the Agency said the husband of one of the women Vladimir Shcherbina. According to the memoirs of a man, his wife was worried about the land issue for large families, and another woman — her son, whom she believed was illegally sentenced.

In the end, the second woman managed to break through to Putin through security and pass him a note. “She really got up on his knees, he asked her to stand up. At this time the perspiration on his forehead appeared. That being said the wife was seen. She stood near. He asked her to stand up, this time gripping her hand. The note was in her hand, he this note she took,” — said Shcherbina.

According to him, then the guards tried to figure out the contents of the note, a few months later he and his wife saw a TV appeal to Putin concerning lands for many children. “My wife and I at least was confident that the goal was achieved,” said the man.

Putin, responding in a straight line on June 20 question about a shameful act, remembered this incident and with tears in her eyes admitted that his team had lost passed him a note. According to the head of state, he remembers about that there was “Certainly something about helping her son, who is in jail, or something like that”.

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