Dagestanis decided to apologize for the reburial of the remains of Hadji Murad


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Dagestan delegation intends to go to Azerbaijan in connection with the last ceremony of reburial of Hadji Murad. About it reports REGNUM with reference to the coordinator of the project “Leo Tolstoy and Dagestan,” Jamaludin Omarova and Deputy Chairman of the all-Russian movement “Russian Congress of Caucasian peoples” Denga Khalidov.

Members of the delegation intend to meet with the public and the administration of Qakh and Zaqatala regions of Azerbaijan bordering with Dagestan, to determine the status of the first burial of a Naib of Imam Shamil. Khalidov pointed out that the last ceremony condemned, but accepted it as a fait accompli. “Back to return the remains to Azerbaijan does not make sense. We will continue to deal with the return of the skull and its reunion with the remains,” he said.

At the same time, Omarov stressed that the delegates primarily wanted to apologize for the actions of those who made the decision on the reburial. According to him, the man who initiated it, no one asked.

Also Khalidov and lobsters indicated that the excavation of the grave was carried out in haste and without complying with the necessary procedures. “We have great suspicions that some remains there still remained, in that case this place is still should be considered grave. But even if you don’t count it as such, then at least the site of the first burial,” — said Omarov.

The ceremony of reburial of the alleged remains Hadji Murad was held in early June in the district of Khunzakh in Dagestan. They rested upon the place of his death — in Qakh region of Azerbaijan. The ceremony was held in the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan at the initiative of the Deputy of the state Duma from Bashkiria Gadjimurad Omarova and caused many questions among the public. In particular, as told by an eyewitness, none of those present at the ceremony was not made an official speech and did not show evidence that the remains belong to Hadji Murad.

Doubts about the authenticity of the remains there, and the historian Patimat Threeway. She recalled that along with Hadji Murat in the same grave in Azerbaijan was buried two companions — Gonzalo and Eldar.

Hadji Murad — Avar leader and military commander, the Naib of Imam Shamil and his “right hand”. The hero of the novel by Leo Tolstoy died in 1852, after a collision with a detachment of the highland militia on the territory of Azerbaijan. Grave is located in the Gakh district of the country.

After death his head was cut off and the skull sent to St. Petersburg and was mummified.

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