Divorced lottery winner forced to give millions of dollars his ex-wife


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Michigan Lottery

The court of appeals of Michigan ruled that the lottery winner has to give half of winnings to ex-wife. This reports the Washington Post.

In 2013, a resident of the suburbs of Detroit rich Zelasko (Rich Zelasko) won the lottery $ 80 million (5 billion rubles). After taxes and other deductions he could get 38.8 million dollars (2.44 billion rubles).

By the time he and his wife, Mary Beth Zelasko (Mary Beth Zelasko), filed for divorce and for the second year we lived separately. The divorce process lasted from 2011 to 2018. Issues of property division, custody and child support were decided by the court.

Since rich bought a lottery ticket before the official dissolution of the marriage, the winnings are considered family property and is ordered to divide equally. “As the losses, which the couple endured together, and the wins should share together,” argued the judge.

Rich Zelasko tried to achieve cancellation of this decision. “The rich are lucky, but it was his luck, not luck, Mary,” insisted his attorney. The court of appeal took into account that during the marriage the rich often gambled away the money at casinos and lotteries, earning three times less than the couple, and left the decision in force.

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