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New show on BBC Two, which is animated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, disapprovingly appreciated by the British audience. Humorous program “Evening with Vladimir Putin” (Tonight With Vladimir Putin) has also received negative reviews and Telekritika.

The Guardian journalist Jack Force (Jack Seale) noted that the appearance of the animated character as a presenter is “exciting innovation”, but does not protect against generally poor level of humor.

According to him, Putin plays the actor Natt Tapley (Natt Tapley) tries to balance between fictional traits of the character and the real image of the President of Russia, but in the end, the jokes work only half, and in the dialogue with the guests nasty pause.

“When it becomes clear that humor has failed, the response is always the same: how did it happen? Here is a mystery that no one objected to the show with a promise: we are taught cartoon celebrities to interact with real people, but why should we do that?” — made Forces.

Columnist for the Telegraph Michael Hogan (Michael Hogan) was even more harsh in relation to the transfer. According to him, the show may be furious Russian President, “but not so much because of the disrespectful tone, but because it is so weak.” Hogan noted that a sense of humor Putin can not be called brilliant, but even the Russian leader “jokes funnier than this incomprehensible mess”.

The audience also reacted negatively to the premiere of the television show. Many have said that it is one of the worst transmissions they have seen in recent years. “I watched about two minutes, and it was the worst two minutes of television in my life, I watched the reality show Love Island,” said the user. Another user said that the program “incredibly awful from beginning to end”, and advised the channel to abandon the project and “to expel those who worked on it”. There were more categorical responses: “Waste of taxpayers’ money totally wasted. I will not renew my subscription to you. If I were Putin, I would be attacked [in the UK] and would have been right”.

Talk show with animated Putin in the role of presenter on BBC Two announced in late may. The program animated Putin talks with real property, as well as walks in the Studio and sitting at the table. During the filming of spectators are present, as in other similar programs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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