Georgia decided to replace Russian Ukrainian tourists


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Georgia plans to increase the flow of tourists from Ukraine to 400 thousand people a year. This statement was made by the Ambassador of Georgia in Ukraine, Gela Dumbadze. His words leads to “Centre of transport strategies”.

According to the Georgian diplomat, the number of tourists from Ukraine can and should grow to a specified number. “I would like emphatically to say: Georgia is a safe country. Now from Ukraine to Georgia come 170 thousand tourists per year, I’d like to see more,” — said Dumbadze, adding that the Ukrainian tourists in Georgia are always greeted with a special attitude and a wide smile.

In addition, the Ambassador called on travel agents and hotel owners to make special rates for the Ukrainians. Dumbadze also said that Georgia has already restored the tradition to welcome the tourists with a bottle of wine on arrival.

His words joined the head of the Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada on tourism Anna Romanova. “We will not be able to quickly kill the Russian market, which amounted to 1.4 million people. But if it’s good work, if the Georgian turoperatory will open doors and will do discounts and with the active Georgia in Ukraine, I think we can reach the level of 400 thousand tourists,” — she said.

On 24 June, the economist Beso of Namgaladze felt that Georgia may lose about $ 100 million in the case that along with passenger flights to Russia will be closed to tourists for the opportunity to come into the country through the land border.

On 22 June it was reported that flights between Russia and Georgia completely stopped from July 8. The day before, 21 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree prohibiting Russian airlines to make flights to Georgia. In addition, Putin instructed the government to ensure the return of the temporarily staying in Georgia of Russians to their homeland.

The decision of the Russian leader signed in connection with the protests in Tbilisi. On 20 June, several thousand people stormed the Parliament building. After several hours, the police used tear gas against protesters and rubber bullets.

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