Inappropriate attire the guests at the wedding embroil her with the bride and groom


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Reddit users criticized the guest at a wedding for a sloppy appearance. A woman appeared at the ceremony in a hoodie and denim shorts.

The woman, who requested anonymity, told how in autumn 2018 my husband and I went to the wedding of a cousin. According to her, the day before the wedding the groom’s mother gathered the whole family and warned that the dress code will be casual. Some of the guests came to the ceremony in t-shirts and hats. She, in turn, wore a hoodie, shorts and sandals.

Guests of the bride looked elegant, however the woman decided that there was a mix-up and didn’t tell them about the dress code. The bride and groom also dressed ceremonially. The wedding was successful, but the couple was unhappy with her appearance.

It turned out, the mother of the groom deliberately released false information on the dress code, because she didn’t like the concept of the wedding. The woman claims that after the celebration cousin and his wife are estranged from her. She asked of Internet users to speak, because, in its view, the pair has created a problem out of nowhere.

“Shorts and a hoodie not suitable for the clothes for the wedding. Trousers and nice top would be more appropriate. I would be too embarrassed by your appearance, wrote the Reddit user.

“I would even for dinner, so go, what to say about the wedding. That was uncalled for, despite his mother’s words, complained another user. — I’ll tell you for the future: it is better to dress too smartly than too easy.” Some commentators noted that her outfit looked sloppy.

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