Kardashian angered the Japanese


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The Japanese protested that the new company participating in the reality show “the Family Kardashian” Kim Kardashian called “Kimono” (Kimono). About it reports BBC News.

Kardashian has launched its own production of spanx. She stated that the new label is not only suitable for absolutely everyone, but “glorifies and enhances the feminine shapes and curves”.

The Japanese had a very negative reaction in social networks on the choice of the name for the company. They noted that it is offensive because the kimono is their traditional national clothing. In Japan, it is worn only on special occasions. “We wear kimono to celebrate engagement, marriage, graduation, worn it to the funeral. This is a festive outfit that is transmitted in families from generation to generation,” he told BBC News Japanese Yuka Ohishi.

In her opinion, the spanx produced by the model that even remotely resembles a kimono, and that Kardashian just chose the name of the word, which is “Kim” means a disrespect to the true value of this garment in Japanese culture.

Kardashian launched the brand “Kimono” last year in the United States. It also registered the trademarks “Bodysuit Kimono” (Kimono Body), “Intimates Kimono” (Kimono Intimates) and “Kimono world” (Kimono World).

This underwear is designed to create soft curves of the body under the clothes. It’s available in several colors. Itself Kardashian wrote on Twitter that she very often could not find the shapewear bodysuit that blended with her skin tone, so offered his solution.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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