Prosecutors have ruled out arson Notre Dame


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The French authorities have no reason to believe arson the cause of fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. This is stated in the statement of the Prosecutor of Paris Remy Heinz, Reuters reports.

According to him, is now studying the possibility of fire due to negligence, this article is an open case. “To date the investigation has not been able to determine the cause of the fire,” — said in a statement Heinz.

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On 15 June it became known that the French billionaire has not fulfilled its promises about the transfer of material aid to restore the destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral. In a charity Fund created to collect donations for the reconstruction of the victim in the fire of a national monument, not received a penny.

Notre Dame Cathedral lit up in the evening April 15. The fire destroyed a large part of the roof and spire, to eliminate the fire was only the next day. The President of France Emmanuel macron promised that the Cathedral will be restored in five years.

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