Russian and Western media believe in fake about rising from the grave, the inhabitant of Sochi



The news about a man named Alexander, who was allegedly was found alive in a coffin at the Sochi cemetery, turned out to be fake. About it writes “Cocotrim”.

According to journalists, June 20 through messengers among the residents of Sochi began to spread videos with the exhausted man, whose body was covered with scabs. He called himself Alexander. For the video followed by the audio file-comment: “It’s upstairs on the Baranivka, at the cemetery, when the rainfall was recently 2-3 days ago, the soil washed away. And the coffin got one. And in that coffin was a living person”. The same video was posted on Pikabu on June 19 and scored just over a thousand likes.

Power Baranovsky rural district in Sochi has denied the information about the discovery of the body to the cemetery. However, several days later a number of media published a news that the hero of the movie survived after held in the bear’s den a month. The publication refers to information Agency EurAsia Daily, which published an article about a man on 25 June, citing the testimonies of unnamed witnesses.

According to the Agency, Alexander is a resident of Tuva, became the victim of the bear that dragged him into its lair. EA Daily writes that the man had a broken spine, and found it local hunters who helped this dog.

The next day, June 26, on saved from the den Alexander wrote such foreign media as Metro, Daily Mail and the Sun. In the material Daily Mail has been added details about what the man drank his own urine to survive. Also, the publication contained a review of the Russian scientist Ivan Seredkina, who claimed that the bears often hide their prey, to protect her from predators.

According to the specialist on IT-technologies Mikhail Golubev, with whom talked “Cocotrim”, a fake can be run with three goals: to distract people from other topics, to cast or to test other channels of dissemination of virus information.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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