Russian presenter did come out and spoke about the “treatment” of homosexuality


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Journalist and broadcaster Paul Lobkov has told how he tried to “cure” from homosexuality in the USSR. His story was published by the “AIDS.Center” on its website.

According to him, it happened in 1985 in Leningrad (formerly St. Petersburg). “I was 17 and everyone had a General idea that “homosexuality” is a disease that should be treated,” said Lobkov.

For the treatment was open classrooms “family consultations”, says the presenter. “I went there. In the corner a huge, gigantic master room sat the doctor. I expressed to him my problem and got the answer that I need to go to the third mental hospital”, — he said.

Lobkov went to the doctor Boris Aronov, who said that he will use aversion therapy to develop a “distaste for the male gender”. At first the journalist was asked to describe in detail the process of Dating and sexual contact. After the doctor has been hypnosis.

“Officially, I was under hypnosis, but really nothing had, of course, failed because I was terribly funny. Well, try 17-year-old boy to enter the state of hypnosis,” explained Lobkov. The host decided to play along with the doctor. He explained that as a result of it has identified to the doctor who advised not to listen to the Aaronic, and “live as I live.”

Lobkov noted that currently “fashionable to cultivate an injury, to be weak, it is fashionable to be addicted, to trade their ills”. However, he stressed that he had not received any injury from doctor’s appointments, because I studied resistance. “Now such resistance, by and large, are not taught. But it should be”, — concluded the journalist.

Pavel Lobkov, journalist, presenter of the TV channel “Rain”. Previously worked at channel five, was a leading reporter and commentator on NTV, author and presenter of the program “Vegetative life”. December 1, 2015, he announced that since 2003, is a carrier of HIV. Lobkov is included in the Board of Trustees of the Foundation “AIDS.Center.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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