The Ukrainian foreign Ministry spoke about the forced recognition of the occupation of the Crimea


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The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed its protest against the failure of Russia decision of the International Tribunal of the UN law of the sea about the incident in the Kerch Strait in November last year. About it reports the edition “Ukrainian news”.

As noted, this protest was a reaction to the Russian note, which the Ukrainian side requested to provide a written guarantee that in case of Russia’s transfer of 24 detainees of seafarers in Ukraine will continue their prosecution according to Russian law. The foreign Ministry called this proposal unacceptable and exacerbates the conflict between Kiev and Moscow.

Ukrainian foreign Ministry again demanded the return of the detained sailors and three of the arrested Ukrainian ship without any additional conditions and informed about the requirement of the international Tribunal.

The head of Department Pavlo Klimkin on his page on Facebook also said that Ukraine does not meet the requirements of Russia. According to him, sent to Kiev a note, Moscow is trying to force Ukraine “to indirectly recognize the occupation of Crimea.”

25 Nov 2018 Ukrainian military ship “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Kapu” crossed the Russian border and not responding to the demands of Russian border guards to stay and began the dangerous maneuvering. The border Department of the FSB of Russia detained ships and their crew of 24 sailors.

Moscow described the actions of the Ukrainian side provocation, had opened a criminal case on violation of the state border. Currently Ukrainian troops are awaiting trial. April 15 term of preliminary investigation in their case was extended until 25 August. Kiev considers their detention illegal and called them seamen prisoners of war.

May 25 is the international UN Tribunal for the law of the sea has ruled that Russia should release the detained sailors. In Moscow, commenting on the decision, announced plans to appeal it, since the Convention on the law of the sea cannot be applied in a dispute about what happened in the Kerch Strait.

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