A Russian MP has threatened the colleague with rape and got off with a remark


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The Deputy of Yugorsk from the “United Russia” Alexander Becker, threatened former colleague on the Duma and journalist Anton Pantino rape, got the party recovered in the form of comments. It is reported Znak.com Thursday, July 4.

Pantin was dissatisfied with the decision of the party. He refers to the reply of the Executive Secretary Commission on the ethics of Yevgeny Revenko from 1 July.

“Whether the ethics Commission in Moscow complete bullshit at the United Russia party, whether Becker is so steep that the threat of rape and causing grievous bodily harm Federal party men estimated only on the remark”, — he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Pantin informed about threats to your address in may, but a specific person is not named. Pantin said that he feared for his life, reported Whitefish.fm.

Earlier, Alexander Becker accused the Deputy Pantina concealment of income in 2017. The audit was stripped of his mandate in connection with loss of trust. The decision was taken in relation to Becker, however, because it does not enter, writes Znak.com.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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