Became known details of the life saving civil submarine sailor


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Captain 2nd rank Dmitri Soloviev, who died in a fire on the deep-sea submersible Russian Navy, was a wonderful person, kind and responsive. About this in an interview with “Medusa” said his cousin Tatyana Vinnik.

According to her, Dmitry’ve always liked big cities, the sea and ships. In work, as in everything else, he was responsible. “Joe is a thrill-seeker: he loved to jump, snowboarding, skiing, — it is interesting to all. Liked life. Even I do not dare to talk about him in the past tense,” — said Tatiana.

On the death of a relative of the woman found out from my brother-in-law. Not believing, Tatiana tried to get my mom Dmitry, but I couldn’t. Later they contacted the sister Solovyov, and she confirmed that he is no more.

“Dima has lately been immersed in the work. Talked a little, but he always knew how things were as children. Good, responsive, the best brother, son, husband and father. Always able to listen and help a difficult minute, support. We do not believe that it is no more. The bitterness never goes away,” said the woman.

A classmate of the deceased diver Ivan (name changed) called Dmitry Solovyov a very responsible student. Together, they studied to be electrical engineers nuclear submarines. The last time the men met in may and reminisced, ate meat. Seaman said that is not going to retire, wants to work on.

Dmitry has a little son, seven year old daughter and a pregnant wife. It Solovyov during a fire on the deep-sea submersible saved the civilian specialist, and he led the man from the emergency compartment, and he, as noted in the defense Ministry, continued to “fight for survivability of the ship.”

Another dead submariner — Mr Shinichi — was very cheerful and versatile person, a loyal friend. This sailor remembers his friend Peter (name changed). “He did a lot of reading, studying snowboarding, airsoft, swimming, strength sports, martial arts. In his father’s footsteps [profession],” said Peter.

Classmate Lieutenant commander Michael Dubkova, another victim of the fire on the submarine, Olesya Trunova shared that her childhood friend was always smiling and exuded human warmth. According to the woman, Michael was the only one in the class really kind person with an open heart. “Sometimes you know how you care about someone, but when he’s gone. Mike, thank you for the warmth and light of your soul”, — said Olesya.

The fire on the submarine occurred July 1, during the bathymetric measurements. 14 people were killed and several more were injured. The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that the fire happened in the battery compartment, and then the fire began to spread further.

The victims will present to the state awards posthumously.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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