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Compiled a rating of countries in which Russian tourists are least likely to drink alcohol. About it reported in a press release, the online flight search service Aviasales, arrived in edition “”.

It turned out that less alcohol Russians drink in the UAE (this has been acknowledged by 39 percent of respondents). Especially tourists noted the Emirate of Sharjah, where alcohol is completely banned, and to be in possession of intoxicating beverages is permitted only to those who have the liquor license from the government.

The second position in the ranking took Qatar: 20 percent of respondents have never used alcohol in an Arab state. It is noted that in Qatar, alcohol is sold in the only store in the whole country and only at a special resident’s card. The tourists can drink in bars and hotels, but according to the Russians, much more expensive, than in Russia.

In addition, 20 percent admitted that they failed to drink in the Maldives since the passage of the alcohol with them to the Islands is strictly prohibited, and in “mini-bars in rooms are usually small bottles with alcohol at an unrealistic price.”

12 percent of the tourists never drank in Morocco, where alcohol is sold in the basement of the supermarket or in specialized shops of alcoholic beverages. 9 percent of respondents refused alcohol in India. As told one of the tourists, finding of alcohol in one of the cities was for her a challenge.

“Local the question, where is the nearest bar, much rolled his eyes and hesitantly suggested that, maybe in Chennai (more than 300 miles from this place). As a result I found the only bar in the hotel for foreigners: the room beyond the unmarked door, where they pour only local Kingfisher”, — said the traveler.

Also a few Russians admitted that it was not ready to go to the above countries due to the lack of opportunities there to drink.

In June, the majority of Russians admitted that they like to drink alcohol on vacation. Our experts conducted a survey among 3.5 thousand Russian travelers to figure out how they relate to drinking alcohol on vacation. It turned out that 67 percent of travelers always drink alcoholic beverages during travel.

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