Cancer man donated a treatment for the life of the couple


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A resident of China refused cancer treatment to his wife and daughter received the necessary medical assistance. It is reported by news portal AsiaOne.

In 2015, the 46-year-old TBE Manang was diagnosed with stomach cancer, a month later, his wife Wang Grain was diagnosed with cancer of the breast. The family had to sell the house and wallow in debt to cover the bills for expensive treatment. In may this year, the eldest daughter Xinyi became ill with systemic lupus erythematosus — a disease in which produced by the immune system antibodies damage healthy cells.

To overcome the disease 16-year-old Xinyi, parents spent 180 million yuan (1.7 million rubles). However, the doctor warned that the patient needs additional treatment, which will cost hundreds of thousands yuan.

Spouses had to decide who of them will continue his cancer treatment, because the family budget did not cover all expenses. Then Manani refused medical help for the health of a 42-year-old wife and their sick daughter. “You have to get the necessary treatment to raise our daughter and help her to stand up,” said the man.

History Manang and Grain provoked a strong reaction among users of the network. Indifferent readers gathered is necessary to assist Xinyi the amount already donated to 902 thousand yuan (8.3 million rubles). The mother thanked everyone for the money raised, and noted that now they will be able to provide the daughter the appropriate treatment.

In March it was reported that a student of sun Ying told me how her father sacrificed his life in order to be able to move the expensive operation. In 2014, the man was diagnosed with lung cancer, and in 2015 the girl was diagnosed with lymphoma. The family had no money to cure just two people, so he decided to stop therapy.

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