Conjoined twins born with one heart for two


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In the Indian state of Orissa were born Siamese twins with one heart for two. This publication reports The New York Post.

The birth weight was 3.8 kg, they have the same pulse and blood pressure. According to doctors, now they pass all the necessary examinations. Experts also don’t know what will happen to the girls in the future, given from the heart they turned to each other.

“In such cases, the separation is almost impossible, since the twins can be common and other vital organs, which will greatly reduce their chances of survival after surgery,” explained Professor Satpati Saroj (Saroj Satpathy), working in a medical facility, where they were born girls.

Unknown, did the parents in advance that they will have conjoined twins. They also decided on the names for newborns.

In April it was reported that the Siamese twins from the Indian state of Chhattisgarh has declared that does not regret the rejection of the surgery that could separate them. Body brothers together in the abdominal area, so they have separate lungs, hearts and hands, but the belly and legs. They easily cope with daily chores and learned to run leaning on the ground with all six limbs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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